Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review on Memopad

Memo Notepad Review
          So I decided to write a review about the app memo pad. Memo pad is a notepad that you can use on your chromebook. For appeal/looks, sound and customizing I think the appeal is nice it has a nice wood background and it actually looks like you're writing on a piece of notebook paper. Also it has a few customization options for you to change the font to what you want it to be so I think that is pretty neat that you can customize it how you like and also you can change the size of the letters. Lastly there is not really any sound but it is a notepad so you can't really penalize them there. So overall for appeal/ looks and sound I give memopad a 3 stars out of 4.

   This app was motivational in a sense that it didn't bore me to death while I was typing on it for a little bit. I was pretty engaged in the app especially because I could change the font of the text...that was probably my favorite part of the whole app! The app definitely could have "motivated" me more how, well basically by maybe having a more bright or exciting background . So therefore i would give memopad a 3 stars out of 4 motivation.

      Now on to how user friendly this app was. Memo pad was extremely user friendly, all you had to do was get on to the app and you could start typing, you had the option to sign up but you did not have to which was really nice because a lot of people don't like to sign up and especially for a notepad. There was a button you could clicked on and it explained how to do everything even though everything on there was pretty much self explanatory. So I would definitely give this section a 4 stars out of 4! 

     As soon as i opened up the app it was ready to use. I didn't have to wait for anything to load and even when typing everything went smoothly. So i would give this a 4 stars out of 4!

      So overall a highlight of the app would be how you can just get right on the app and use it, and you don't have to wait around and sign up. A low light of this app would be not being able to change the background or the color of the notepad, i think it would make the app a lot cooler and "fun" if you could do that! 

      I give this app a 3 stars out of 4 rating! The reason I give the app a 3 out of 4 is because it's an easy to use app and very user friendly the reason I wouldn't give it the last star is because i don't like how you can't change the background.

 Instruction Page 

Blank notepad

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Social Media

Over the past couple days we have had 2 guest speakers talk with our digital citizenship class. The first person we had talk to us was Betsy, she is a college administrator, she talked to us about how it's not a formal process for colleges to search up incoming students on social media but many do especially if it's a very competitive college or if it's down to you and another student getting into a certain school, that school looks you up and if you have pictures of you drinking or using drugs on your social media and the other student doesn't then most likely that other student is going to get the spot. After hearing this it reassures me because I don't post things on social media that would jeopardize my future or keep me from future opportunities. After we heard from her we heard from another speaker who happens to be a cop. He spoke about how careful we should be when posting photos online, he mentioned how even making sure there is no distinguishing things in the background because people online can see the picture and easily find out where you were. He then told a story of a murder that happened a few months ago and after they caught the guy, he realized he was friends with this man on Facebook then later on his boss called him into his office, showed him a photo of his child and then the boss proceeded to tell the cop that the photo was on the murderers computer. After hearing this it really scared me, and want to be very cautious of the amount of information i share on social media.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Do you know who you are online?

I predict someone would find a pictures of me from social media profiles. Maybe also they would find some posts from those social media accounts as well. Yesterday when looking myself up online I found what I predicted to fine, I found old and new pictures of myself also my social media accounts popped up. The accounts that popped up was my Instagram and Facebook and luckily they were private so random people can't just look at them. I think if others looked at my digital tattoo it's pretty appropriate and nothing bad seemed to show up. Nothing of what I found yesterday came across to me as sharing to much online, one this that did kind of freak me out was how many pictures of myself popped up, none of them were bad or anything, just freaky how many did actually pop up. I think if a future job and/or college was to look me up online and look through my social media accounts they would hopefully still feel I was a good choice for the position. My level of digital citizenship is on the high side, I believe I demonstrate a positive and appropriate attitude on social media. My online presents is a positive example of digital citizenship because I understand that what I post on social media can and will affect my future and if I choose to be negative and inappropriate on social media I most likely will not have as many opportunities in my future. So therefore I now know that I should not worry about future opportunities being threatened due to my online profile.